Love and Intuition by Sherrie Dillard, one of the books on my reading stand, contains the subtitle, “A Psychic’s Guide to Creating Lasting Love.
From its cover, one could mistake this book for one of those “How to find your soul mate” books, even though she has one chapter on such a topic. While the book cover does contain this subtitle, (perhaps for marketing purposes), it is a fraction of the content.

Her central message is that if one desires to use intuition as a guide for better decision making, then one needs to first attend to the business of clearing away any old unresolved anger and resentment toward others, as well as the regret or guilt one carries toward oneself.

Leaning to love yourself, then others, is the first order of business on the road to intuitive guidance.

So what makes intuition important? What if I don’t plan to be a psychic?

These days, events and situations confront us at such apace we no longer have the time to gather all the information or data we think necessary to make good decisions. It wasn't this way a decade or two ago. This is a different world; we are not in Kansas anymore, (to borrow an oft used phrase). Decisions need to be made from an intuitive basis more often in our ordinary day to day lives.

Teasing apart our emotional reactions from intuitive information takes practice; this is some of the best of what Dillard has to offer in her book. Learning how to distinguish our own internal issues from the energies we absorb from others is becoming one of the most important concepts we need to understand for maintaining our emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

These are not concepts that have been taught in your college psychology classes or texts; these are concepts that lie on the interface of psychology and the spiritual realm. They lie in the arena of transpersonal psychology; a psychology that give recognition to knowing that there is something more than just our unconscious within us that influences our emotional and mental life.

Developing a greater intuitive ability facilitates a greater awareness of these varying influences that affect our psychic lives. Developing greater intuitive abilities lessens the confusion in our emotional lives, leads to better decision making, and opens the way to greater creativity.

Not only can intuition, as a form of spiritual guidance, provide us with some of the best guidance out of certain situations we have gotten ourselves into, it gives us notions of new, possibly unmapped directions to travel, and give us the people that will play a role in that new life.

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