In the last two months, I have entered into two new relationships; one being with an Android smartphone, the other being with a dual core, dual monitor computer system.

I have had a mobile phone for my business since Sprint introduced the bag phones that plugged into the car lighter socket allowing me to talk while on in the vehicle. That was before cell phones, the size of a small brick, were considered portable.

Six weeks ago, I divorced my Blackberry Storm after a 20 month relationship that can be truly characterized as “stormy”. Imagine, a relationship with someone named ‘Storm”! What was I thinking? We never got along. I never learned to work with her.

Then, in February, a Droid X came into my life. My hands were all over her for this first month, exploring all the quirks, nuances and capabilities she had. Although it has taken a month to understand her ways, we are now partners. Not since Seven of Nine of Star Trek fame have I been taken by such a piece technology.

Yesterday, Mike installed a new ‘dual core’ processor computer into the network system at the office, setting it up with two monitors. Wow!. I love this! Just like in NCIS LA, I can drag an item from one screen to the other, and back again. Dual monitors, or dueling monitors, whatever I want.

Being such a visual person, needing more visual reminders as I have gotten older, the new system lets me take down all the taped lists and sticky notes from the edges of my monitor place them in the monitor. That gives me greater privacy, and the sticky notes won’t fall off.

What is it with us men that allows us to so easily fall in love with something that serves us so well, unquestioningly, and asks so little of us in return? Is that is our relationship style? No wonder men are upset that Verizon is dropping the “new every two” provision in its contracts.

It is difficult at times to remember the objective of all this technology is to make my life or work more efficient and creative. But, like other men, I can find myself falling in love with the hardware rather than its primary function.

Hmm……Falling in love with an object. I guess all our egos can do that, no matter what gender. Maybe, we just seem to choose different objects.

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