M800’s these are called. Pelikan fountain pens are German manufactured pens  and arrive with two-tone18k gold nibs. These are some of the most desired fountain pens on the market. For each pen, I ordered custom ground, nibs, broad, italic cursive writing points for a right-handed person.  Both nibs tuned by John Mottishaw, one of perhaps a half dozen  highly  respected “nibmeisters” in the country.   


Why order two fountain pens?  In journal writing, I will often switch back and forth between two pens, usually differing qualities of writing, or different colors. Thus I have differing inks and differing nibs on each pen. The clear, “Demonstrator”, so-called because it demonstrates the internal workings of the brass mechanism internal to this quality of and. As you can see, each part is labeled with laser marking. Demonstrators are manufactured in limited editions, thus are becoming increasingly rare.  

But, the setup for makes them ideal for both journal and professional, clinical notes. Not only can I seem to be able to write endlessly, but I do so legibly.  

Speaking of legibility, when the first pelican arrived, I found myself spending hours of third-grade cursive writing which I referred to as Pelikan Practice.  Journals, it seems, are not only for good ideas, but good ideas that are presented legibly, and as works of art. 

The more simply discovering two great fountain pens, I discovered The Fountain Pen Network,  an organization of individuals who enjoy fountain pens. While some of them enjoy the process of writing with fountain pens and inks, others, enjoy creating journals with fountain pens. Still others, collect fountain pens, some are enamored with the brands, colors, or technical aspects of fountain pens, inks, and paper.  Much of that is my current scope knowledge or interest, but what we all have in common is that we enjoy writing.

From the nearly 40,000 members worldwide, in The Fountain Pen Network I found individuals who not only write with fountain pens, write personal journals, write creatively, and, maintain blogs concerning their interests.  David, the workshop assistant on the West Coast who "interviewed" me in gathering information regarding my writing style so John could more accurately assess how to grind this personalized nib, I discover, is also a playwright, and part-time actor in films. Another "David" lives close by and writes extraordinary reviews of inks under the pen name of “carpedavid.”
Blogspot blog :  "Seize The Dave"

My interest in the Pelikan is not only brought me to the world's most finely crafted pens, but it's also put me in touch with an entirely new group of friends and associates that have enriched and broadened my view point and my experience. 

Having written clinical notes for four decades, and personal journals for three, having used ball point pens, roller balls, markers, microns, and pencils, with the new Pelikan pen, hours of writing drift by as easily Sailor Jentle Blue ink flows from the golden nib onto the Moleskin paper.  

From my journal pages,  --...with fountain pens, finally, after getting the right combination,  --  the pen, the nib, the ink, and the paper,  - not only does the writing flow effortlessly, but thoughts flow without hesitation, resistance, or interference from the mind to the paper, the hand more faithfully reproduces what the mind thinks or the heart feels.

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