Tomorrow, a posting goes up in my office waiting room listing the revised rates and new services beginning in 2012.  Revising rates for the first time in two decades and adding new services reflect the new directions for the practice.

New Services for 2012:

Business consultations -  not infrequently, counseling sessions with individuals who own their own businesses often turn to discussions of personnel issues, business plans, or organizational structural changes. The sessions become coaching sessions for the client’s business interests as much as their personal/relationship issues. Separating the coaching service gives recognition to the unique combination of knowledge in both management and mental health is required to provide this service. 

Astrology Readings – over the past 15 years, after having read nearly 75 books on astrology, reviewed over 2500 charts of people who I know, or have known intimately, and have collected a database of over 3100 charts, I've decided it's time to set a new course for this avocation. The readings will be consultations on individual’s natal chart, reviewing the specific gifts and challenges alluded to in the chart, as well as providing some relationship advice. I do not perceive these readings as being "predictive" astrology as some popular notions would have you believe.
During the past decade and a half, astrology has provided shortcuts, resulting in more efficient use of therapy consultation time and more focused sessions.
Carl Jung, late in his career, commented that "Astrology was the first psychology," as he observed the similarities between mythology, archetypal images, and astrological energies.

Internet Skype Sessions :  I've been providing some Internet Skype sessions over the past two years whenever clients out of town during their regularly weekly sessions.   I foresee utilizing the service more often, and more regularly during the coming year. For now, I will provide the service with established clients. I do not see Skype sessions as a usual alternative format for most counseling. There is still something about personal interaction between two people sitting face-to-face in the same room that cannot be produced in video form.

These are only a few of the changes of the many changes I anticipate for 2012 for the practice. As technological advances occur, and I learn how to use them, more changes will come forth as the year progresses.

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