The last office day in 2011 was a day for cleaning out clutter, shampooing carpets, storing closed files, and putting up a new literature rack.  It seemed so symbolic; preparing for the year ahead.   Completing, clearing, consolidating, and de-cluttering one part of my life

A New Year brings Hope for me as it does for many of us,
A time of letting go of what is in the past.
A time for reordering our priorities.
A time for shrinking and consolidating our lives.
A time of breathing a prayer of renewal for a better year, a better life and a better us.
A time to ask better questions that lead to better choices. 

As I was writing the above notes from my experiences this past week,  the following note appeared in my mailbox. 

Peter Russell, a British Author and Creative Thinker, from his website  “The Spirit of Now” lists his suggestions for the coming year.

1. Reclaiming quality time. Learning how to let the mind relax and just "be" for a while.
2. Rethinking priorities. What is it we really want? What makes our hearts sing?
3. Seeing things differently. Pause and ask yourself if there's another way of looking at the situation.
4. Don't keep anxieties bottled up. When we stop resisting uncomfortable feelings, they have a better chance of dissipating.
5. Value your friendships. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Full article: Press Democrat.

Well said. My sentiments exactly.  I cannot express it more succinctly.  Thank you,  Peter.  

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