A father complains about his teenage daughter.

“I walk into the living room, and there she is, sitting on the floor. She’s supposed to be doing her homework. Instead, I see she’s on her cell phone with one of her friends, the TV is going, and her school books are spread all over the floor.”

“What are you doing? I thought you are supposed to be studying!” I bark at her.

“But, Dad, I AM!” She whines back at me, “Melissa and I are doing our homework together.”

So, now I explain to him some of realities of the female multitasking brain.
Girls can be on the cell phone talking with their friend, listen to music, have the TV playing in the background, and be doing homework. Boys cannot do this.
From early infancy, their brain develops differently for girls, generally connecting the right and left sides of the brain earlier than that of boys.

It allows women to talk and listen with their friend, while simultaneously tracking the flow of a second conversation between two other women at the next table.

Then, I added, it allows your wife to be in the throes of passion and still remember what is next on her to do list that needs attended to when you are finished.

“Oh…….. They can really do all that?” he pondered, looking back at me; obviously taken aback by my comments.

“So you don’t watch the women talk to each other in the break room at work?

“No. All that chatter; it drives me nuts.”

“Then ask your wife her thoughts on what I have just told you.”

I had the sense that although he didn’t fully believe me, he was going to relate this conversation to her. And, that, in the future, he would to watch to see if what I had said may be true by making his own observations.

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