Sunday, May 9, 2010
Smiling at Stephanie and her camera lens for 90 minutes is a challenging experience for someone living a relatively hermit like life. For me, it's difficult to simply relax and smile when anyone points anything in my direction, particularly, when it is pointed directly at my eyes. I blink alot all throughout the photoshoot, necessitating more than the usual number of shots. But, Stephanie is always very patient, and very precise.
First, a formal portrait with a dress shirt and a tie in front of a blank wall. (I rarely wear a tie in the office.) "Stand facing toward Bryan, rotate your shoulders the other way, now lean forward toward me, tilt your head back that way, chin up, now, smile."
Next, informal shots sitting in my office chair. It helps to converse with Bryan. After a contemplative informal shoot in front of my bookcase, I take a break to recline on the sofa. Stephanie decides this is a good shot, also. We finish on the picnic table outside, the place where I take my breaks during the day. I wish them well as they head home to celebrate Mothers' Day.
Why go through all of this? It's all part of the new social networking and marketing emphasis in my life. Anything from business websites, to personal Skype and Facebook, all seem to require photos. Perhaps, it's better to have some of these done with a "real camera" rather than my cell phone.
After all, I want detailed photographs that will show all of the wrinkles that I've earned over time, that are a sign of my age and wisdom.

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