Beside my computer sits a small book. It's Never Too Late by Patrick Lindsay has a hundred small changes we can make each day toward feeling more alive and with a greater sense of direction.
It's never too late...
- to find and old friend.
- to write.
- to do something you love.

I keep it there to remind me, even at my age, it is never too late to do, say or write what I need to.

Today, is Father's day; a day to remember our fathers and what they have contributed to our lives. For centuries, a father's function was to teach us the survival skills for making our way in this world. Somehow, the world we live in is not the world of our fathers.  Hopefully, what they have given us is some of the wisdom of living that serves us in many situations.

My father was a carpenter. My grandfather was an Amish farmer. I live in neither of these worlds. I work in an office. Yet, it was their approach toward life and work that I put into my own way of life.

For most of us, we can remember the good and the not so good moments with our fathers.  So it is with most of our relationships.  What makes our lives meaningful is that we cherish what has helped us.  We say "Thank You".   And we leave behind any pain or regrets.  To carry these along is what we call baggage.

Today, we can leave that behind.

Today, we can focus on what we cherish,  not only in our Fathers, but in all our relationships.

It's Never Too Late.......

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