Do you know any adults with ADHD?
Ask them this following question: “As you think back over your life, how many times could you have been dead by now? “  

If your friend is willing to play along, you may get some surprising answers.
 “You mean since I was two years old or just since I began driving?”
“Four times for sure”  
“Oh, at least a dozen times”

Or they begin to describe dramatic events.

“I fell off of our porch roof into some bushes when I was 4.”
“My brother was giving me a ride on his bike down this hill…”
“We were repelling from the top of an old church, when…”
“I was dating this guy who..…”
“On my Yamaha 750, I wiped out after getting some ‘air’ at 105.. ”
“Driving 125 on the causeway to St. Petersburg, when…”

Then I might ask, “Have you ever wondered what keeps you alive when you could have been dead by now?”
“Have you ever wondered if something watches over you and keeps you alive?

“Yes,” is the most common response. 

“Do you ever wonder if some Guardian Angel watches over you?  How else do you explain that you are still alive when others would have been dead several times by now?”

“Yes, I have thought that at times.”   
For somewhere inside, intuition provides guidance. “I  know what I should do, but I don’t always do it.” 

 When I see the survivability of ADHD clients and their ability to land on their feet, (physically and metaphorically)  coupled with their intuition, I think of them as cats – either sleeping or stalking prey.

Ultimately, the person with ADHD does learn to listen and respond to the internal guidance, that Guardian Angel, living within them. Otherwise, the stakes get higher and life becomes more inconvenient

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