At least two times a month, someone asks me for an evaluation  as to whether they or their child has ADD or ADHD.   In addition, the subject often comes up when ever I meet someone new out of the office and they find out my profession.

Here are some of my favorite questions to ask adults that gives some hints as to whether or they may have this ADD condition.
1. What does the inside of your vehicle look like?   Clean or messy?
2. What does your work space look like?
3. In school, was there a wide difference between your ability to do math or reading subjects?
4. Are you exceptionally good at something?   Sports, mechanics, computers, music, art,  etc, things that involve good reflexes, good handeye coordination, balance, etc.
5, How well do small children or animals come to you?
6. How many addictive habits to you have?
7. What are the things in your life that you have a tendency to overdo.?
8. Do you have speeding tickets?
9. Does someone in your family tree have a history of mood disorders, addictive habits, or a series of jobs or personal relationships.
10. How quickly do you forget lists of things?  

These questions are only the first ones that give me a clue as to what to ask next or if a full assessment is needed.   If you know someone who fits this criteria,  they may have ADD.  

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